5 Samsung Appliances that Will Make You Think You Live in the Future

Samsung owns the largest share of the US market for large home appliances—and for good reason! With a product line up that will make you feel like a Jetson, Samsung has earned the title, “Home Appliance Innovator.” Some of the best Samsung appliances on the market today are futuristic, to say the least.

Samsung appliances are designed to make life management easier. Take a look at our top 5 recommended Samsung appliances for homeowners.

Blast into the Future with the Best Samsung Appliances!

Samsung’s innovative appliances are a perfect response to our modern era. Advanced technology features include Wi-Fi connectivity, touch screens, and multi-tasking capabilities. Samsung is riding the wave of the future straight into your home.

Best Samsung Refrigerator

4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with Family Hub™

Model: RF28M9580SG/AA

You will wonder how you ever lived without this refrigerator! The Samsung Family Hub will streamline your day and make meal planning easier than ever before. Samsung Family Hub gives power to your fingertips—control smart devices and appliances all over your home right from the refrigerator.

Here are a few of our favorite Family Hub features:

  • Forget messy shopping lists that get lost among the magnets. The Samsung Family Hub allows you to use your voice to create shopping lists.
  • Have food in the fridge but nothing to eat? Plan a menu based on what food is already inside your refrigerator.
  • Sync calendars and help everyone in the household stay up to speed on what’s happening throughout the day.
  • Love your Spotify music? Whether cooking or snacking, this refrigerator will keep the tunes fresh through your Spotify or other music media accounts.

Best Samsung Range

Slide-In Induction Chef Collection Range with Flex Duo™ Oven

Model: NE58H9970WS/AA

One of the best Samsung ranges is certainly their induction range. Induction cooking focuses the most heat directly to the pot so you can cook faster and maintain more control of your cooking.

Using Samsung’s Virtual Flame Technology, LED lights shine onto the pots and pans to provide the visual appeal of gas cooking with the precision of induction.

Intuitive design allows you to control temperature and time settings, select cooking functions, and even program your favorite recipes. Even temperature-sensitive baking can thrive with the Chef Bake setting to ensure minimal temperature fluctuation.

The dual convection oven saves up to 30% more time than conventional ovens. By using two fans to circulate the air, heat is distributed throughout the oven for more efficient cooking.

Best Samsung Dishwasher

Hidden Touch Control Chef Collection Dishwasher with WaterWall™ Technology

Model: DW80M9990UM/AA

Who knew that doing dishes could bring so much joy? Samsung’s Chef Collection dishwasher will not disappoint. The mundane job of dishwashing just got more exciting! Here are some of our favorite standout features:

  • WaterWall Technology delivers a stream of water directed for the best clean possible.
  • Auto-release door automatically opens at the end of the cycle to allow steam to escape delivering 35% better drying results.
  • Remote control features right from your smartphone. Start and stop loads away from home.

And don’t fret about the unexpected dinner guests… you can discreetly speed up that wash cycle with Express 60 from your phone, and being the quietest dishwasher in its class, no one will be the wiser.

Best Samsung Washer

WV9900 6.0 Total cu. ft. FlexWash™ Washer

Model: WV60M9900AV/A5

What could be more brilliant than the ability to run multiple loads of wash at the same time? The Samsung FlexWash lets you run two loads of wash with different settings and options, keeping all kinds of clothes clean and in top condition. With features like Super Speed and Steam Wash, you no longer have to be a slave to the laundry room, so get back to doing what you love!

Best Samsung Dryer

DV50K7500 7.5 cu. ft. Electric Dryer

Model: DV50K7500EV/A3

The large capacity Samsung dryer can handle your most daunting load and has 14 preset drying cycles to save you time and effort. Moisture sensors detect when laundry has reached the optimal degree of dryness, which protects clothes from heat damage due to over drying.

Using Multi-Steam Technology, you can reduce and remove wrinkles, odors, bacteria and static. Unlike other steam dryers, Samsung’s doesn’t require you to refill any reservoirs. Now you can confidently steam those wrinkles away and ditch the iron.

The best Samsung appliances will launch you into the 21st century and beyond. These incredible futuristic appliances are as beautiful as they are brilliant. While resisting fingerprints to stay pristine, they offer EnergyStar Certification, impeccable Samsung repair service, and have Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to operate from your smart devices. You want it all? Samsung has delivered.

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