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We are your go-to appliance service provider, with a presence in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, and Minnesota. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering appliance repair at the most reasonable rates. Moreover, our service is designed for your convenience, ensuring repairs are conducted on-site, eliminating the need for you to disrupt your schedule.

Delve into the world of residential services for appliance repair with Unique Repair Services. Our repair services menu is your gateway to comprehensive details about the various brands and types of appliances we cater to, ensuring a solution tailored to your specific needs.


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Don’t overlook signs of trouble on your cooktop, such as uneven heating, unresponsive burners, or erratic temperature control. Unusual gas odors or sparking can be indicative of underlying issues. Prioritize the safety of your kitchen and reach out to Unique Repair Services at the first hint of these problems. Our dedicated technicians specialize in efficient cooktop repairs, addressing issues promptly to restore your appliance to its optimal state.

The inconvenience of a malfunctioning dishwasher is often felt in the form of a pile of unwashed dishes. Watch for key indicators such as water leakage, stubborn residue on dishes, or unusual operational noises. If your dishwasher fails to complete its cycle or leaves dishes inadequately cleaned, it’s time to seek the assistance of professionals. Unique Repair Services is at your service, committed to restoring your dishwasher to optimal functionality.

If your dryer is experiencing prolonged drying times or making unusual sounds, consider it a warning sign. The occurrence of overheating or a lack of heat is also a cause for concern. Additionally, if your dryer vent exhibits signs of blockage or inadequate airflow, addressing the issue promptly is essential to prevent potential fire hazards. Rely on Unique Repair Services for comprehensive dryer and vent repairs, ensuring the continual smooth operation of your laundry routine.

When issues arise with your kitchen range, such as inconsistent heating, burners acting up, or challenges with the oven’s temperature precision, immediate attention is crucial. The presence of gas odors or electrical malfunctions should not be taken lightly either. Turn to Unique Repair Services for reliable kitchen range repairs, assuring a safe and efficient cooking environment.

When your microwave is on the fritz, it translates to extended cooking or reheating times. Watch for red flags such as uneven heating, strange operational noises, or a failure to power up. If you encounter difficulties with your microwave door closing securely or notice sparks during operation, it’s time to turn to professional assistance. Unique Repair Services stands ready to skillfully address all your microwave repair requirements, ensuring optimal functionality.

If your oven exhibits signs of uneven heating, struggles with temperature control, or shows error codes, it’s time for immediate action. Unusual odors or the presence of smoke during its operation are indicators that should not be ignored. Ensure an uninterrupted cooking experience by contacting Unique Repair Services for quick and reliable oven repairs, reinstating your appliance to optimal functionality.

In the realm of refrigerators, commonplace problems like inadequate cooling, strange noises, or water leakage can disrupt their usual performance. The presence of frost buildup, a malfunctioning ice dispenser, or a warm fridge section serves as a call to action. Rely on Unique Repair Services for their expertise in refrigerator repairs, safeguarding the longevity and optimal operation of your appliance.

A malfunctioning washer can manifest in various ways, from water leakage to strange noises during the spin cycle or improper drainage. If you’re noticing that your clothes aren’t coming out as clean as they should or the machine is exhibiting erratic behavior, it’s a clear indication that professional washer repairs are in order. Unique Repair Services is here to provide prompt and effective solutions, keeping your laundry routine running smoothly.

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Unique Repair Services is your go-to partner for repairing various appliance brands and models in Arlington Heights, IL, and neighboring areas. Our team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering repair services that are not only efficient but also reliable. If any of your appliances are acting up, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Reach out today for superior appliance repair services, where your satisfaction and the optimal performance of your household appliances are our primary concerns.