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When it comes to dependable refrigerator repair services in Detroit and the surrounding areas, look no further than our team at Unique Repair Services. With our extensive experience and expertise, we are equipped to meet all your needs with the utmost professionalism and precision.


With a history spanning back to 1994, our business boasts a solid reputation for delivering top-notch oven repair services and exceptional customer care. We take pride in instilling confidence in our valued customers and go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. Rest assured, your contentment is our utmost priority.

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Trusted Refrigerator Repair in Detroit, MI

Dealing with a malfunctioning refrigerator is undeniably a frustrating and potentially expensive ordeal. Time is always of the essence, and having access to a reliable service provider can make a world of difference. Our team of highly trained technicians undergoes comprehensive manufacturer-provided training on the latest equipment even before it hits the shelves. With extensive experience working with leading brands like Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Samsung, we are well-equipped to handle any repair or maintenance needs.

We take pride in being a premier training facility for Samsung technicians, standing out as one of only three in the entire country. Our guiding motto, “Inspiring confidence in our valued customers,” reflects our unwavering commitment to ensuring your utmost satisfaction and maintaining the peak performance of your refrigerator. Rest assured, we always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Reasons to Choose Us for Refrigerator Repair Services in Detroit, MI

When you choose our team of refrigerator repair experts, your refrigerator will operate flawlessly and hassle-free. We go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service, treating you like a valued member of our family. Here are some additional advantages of working with us:

  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • 10% discount on completed repairs for veterans, firefighters, and senior citizens
  • Manufacturer factory-trained and certified technicians
  • Industry-leading service available in 5 different states
  • Veterans, firefighters, and senior citizens save 10% on completed repairs
  • Friendly, courteous technicians who treat your home with respect

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about our industry-leading refrigerator repair services in the Detroit, MI, area.

Signs You Need to Call Our Refrigerator Repair Specialists

If your refrigerator is not operating at its optimal performance, it’s crucial to seek repair services promptly. Recognizing potential issues might be challenging, so reach out to us if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Inconsistent Cooling: Fluctuating temperatures inside the refrigerator.
  • Excessive Frost: Accumulation of frost in the freezer section.
  • Water Leakage: Pools of water inside or around the refrigerator.
  • Unusual Noises: Strange or loud sounds during operation.
  • Ice Maker Malfunctions: Issues with ice production or dispensing.
  • Faulty Thermostat: Inaccurate temperature control settings.
  • Door Seal Problems: Difficulty in closing or sealing the refrigerator door.
  • Frequent Cycling: The refrigerator turns on and off too frequently.
  • Warm Fridge Section: Inability to maintain a cold temperature in the main compartment.
  • Condensation Issues: Excessive moisture inside the refrigerator.
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Ida's Salon
Ida's Salon
19:26 06 Nov 23
Easy great personable
carlos brown
carlos brown
17:36 06 Nov 23
13:39 03 Nov 23
Arrived in time and was able to resolve the issue quickly.
April Marrs
April Marrs
14:34 02 Nov 23
Nate was on time and very professional and friendly.
Rose Ann Mojica
Rose Ann Mojica
14:33 02 Nov 23
Great Customer service. Very professional. Very pleasant didn’t mind my Chihuahuas barking. Fast service. Very happy. Will always call this company for repairs!!!
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Marcelino Orozco
20:36 01 Nov 23
Katie Driver
Katie Driver
16:16 30 Oct 23
GT was professional and answered all my questions. I would recommend. Thank you!
lake view
lake view
00:08 20 Oct 23
After Unique Repair left, there are more damage than it was before. So-called technician did not put racks back, now racks and rail don't fit each other. there is light on clean although dishes are not cleaned and dirty. and now there is sitting water. what a uniquely unqualified people ! they send unqualified people to not repair.
18:14 19 Oct 23
2 month Samsung dishwasher did not work and Samsung send Miguel of Unique Repair Services "to repair". When Miguel came he admitted he is not plumber or electrician, he did not come to "repair". Of course he is not qualified so he doesn't know exactly what problem is. He said it is not Samsung appliance problem but dishwasher was not installed level. Miguel who is not plumber did not even bring level measure. His excuse is dishwasher is not installed level without level measure. Here is level measure that Miguel is full of S. Unique Repair Service is sending unqualified person who blames for installation without proper basis; so that Samsung doesn't have to pay for plumber to fix. Miguel refused to provide his last name because he doesn't want to verify whether he has any license. He doesn't want to wait for cycle. He left racks outside. Now racks don't fit. he screwed up and broke dishwasher more than it was before he came. Terrible and Horrible experience with Unique Repair Service. Since Miguel is not came for "repair" it is Unique Horrible Service.
Zorica J
Zorica J
16:22 28 Sep 23
Even though I had a slight issue with scheduling, I still gave them 5 stars due to responsiveness and good customer service when I called to verify the time of the appointment.The technician's name was Miguel. He was very prompt regarding his ETA, communicative and knowledgeable regarding the questions I was asking. He was also very neat and clean doing the job. There wasn't a speck of dirt left behind when he finished.
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Why Work With Us?

When you work with our dishwasher repair experts, you can feel confident that you’ll be getting the highest quality dishwasher repair possible, and you’ll be treated just like a member of the family from start to finish. We always strive to give you the kind of service you’d expect from a neighbor, which is why we have so many happy repeat customers. Additional benefits of working with our team include:

Are you looking for reliable dishwasher repair services in the Des Plaines, IL, area? Contact us today to set up an appointment, and we will take care of the rest.

Damaged Refrigerators Are Best Repaired Sooner Rather Than Later

Addressing refrigerator repairs promptly is crucial to avoid potential consequences associated with delays. Waiting too long can lead to increased damage and higher repair costs. For instance, the risk of food spoilage becomes significant if the refrigerator is not functioning properly due to issues like a malfunctioning heating coil, faulty ice makers, or other problems triggering error codes. Seeking professional appliance repair services early on is essential when faced with refrigerator malfunctions.

Opting for a repair service with a swift response time and same-day service, even on short notice, can spare you from the inconvenience of a malfunctioning appliance. Our team of appliance repair technicians specializes in resolving a range of issues across major brands, providing excellent customer service and reliable solutions to ensure your appliance is swiftly restored to optimal functionality.

Why Do Refrigerators Need Repairs in the First Place?

Refrigerators, being complex appliances that operate continuously to keep perishables fresh, inevitably face wear and tear over time. One primary reason for the eventual need for repairs is the constant usage of components like the compressor, evaporator fan, and condenser coils, all of which work constantly to maintain the desired temperature. This continuous operation can lead to the gradual degradation of these crucial parts, reducing their efficiency and functionality. Additionally, the wear on door gaskets, hinges, and seals, which are frequently opened and closed, can compromise the refrigerator’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature, necessitating repairs to ensure optimal performance.

Another factor contributing to the eventual need for refrigerator repairs is the inherent vulnerability to various environmental factors. Refrigerators are exposed to fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and electrical conditions, all of which can impact their internal components. Over time, these external factors can contribute to the breakdown of sensitive parts like sensors, thermostats, and defrost systems. Regular wear, coupled with the impact of external conditions, underscores the importance of periodic maintenance and timely repairs to extend the lifespan of the refrigerator and prevent more significant issues from arising.

Contact Us for Refrigerator Repair Services in Detroit, MI

When faced with the inevitable need for refrigerator repairs, don’t let the inconvenience linger. At Unique Repair Services, we specialize in efficient and reliable refrigerator repair services in Detroit, MI, and the surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of issues, providing prompt solutions to get your refrigerator back to optimal functioning. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, quick response times, and a focus on resolving problems across major brands, we ensure a hassle-free experience. Don’t compromise on the freshness of your perishables or the efficiency of your appliance. Contact Unique Repair Services today, and let our expert team restore your refrigerator to its peak performance.

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Deciding whether to repair or replace a refrigerator involves considering various factors, and cost is a significant aspect. In many cases, repairing a refrigerator is a more cost-effective option than buying a new one. The cost of a new refrigerator, especially one with advanced features, can be substantial. On the other hand, the expense of repairing a refrigerator is often more reasonable, especially if the issue is isolated to a specific component or system.


Additionally, the decision may depend on the age of the refrigerator. If the appliance is relatively new and the repair cost is significantly less than the cost of a new unit, opting for repairs can extend the life of your existing refrigerator. However, if the refrigerator is old and prone to frequent breakdowns, investing in a new, energy-efficient model might be a more economical and sustainable choice in the long run. Consulting with our professional technicians can help assess the specific issue, estimate repair costs, and provide guidance on whether repairing or replacing is the more cost-effective solution based on your unique circumstances.

Refrigerators are intricate appliances with various components, and several parts can experience wear and tear over time. Some common parts that often fail on a refrigerator include the compressor, condenser coils, and evaporator fan. The compressor, responsible for circulating refrigerant and maintaining the desired temperature, can wear out or fail due to continuous operation. Condenser coils, responsible for releasing heat, may become dirty or damaged, impacting the overall efficiency of the refrigerator. The evaporator fan, crucial for distributing cold air, can also fail, leading to temperature irregularities within the appliance.

Other components that commonly face issues include the thermostat, defrost system, and door gaskets. A malfunctioning thermostat can cause temperature imbalances, while problems with the defrost system can result in excessive frost buildup. Damaged or worn-out door gaskets compromise the refrigerator’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature, leading to increased energy consumption. Identifying and addressing issues with these common parts promptly through our professional refrigerator repair services can prevent more significant problems and extend the lifespan of the appliance.

The duration it takes to fix a refrigerator can vary based on the nature and complexity of the issue. Simple repairs, such as replacing a faulty thermostat or door gasket, can often be completed within a relatively short time frame, typically within a few hours. However, more complex problems, such as issues with the compressor or sealed system, may require additional time.

In some cases, the repair process may involve diagnosing the problem, ordering replacement parts, and scheduling a follow-up visit for the actual repair. The availability of replacement parts can impact the overall repair timeline. Additionally, the expertise and efficiency of the technician play a role in determining how quickly the refrigerator can be fixed.

At Unique Repair Services, we prioritize prompt and efficient service, aiming to address refrigerator repairs as swiftly as possible. Our experienced technicians assess the issue, provide transparent timelines, and work diligently to minimize the downtime of your appliance. Oven RepairRefrigerator Repair ServiceThe specific duration of refrigerator repairs will depend on the unique circumstances of each case, and our team strives to keep the process as convenient and timely as possible for our valued customers.

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