Washer Repair Services in Detroit, MI

Washer Repair Services in Detroit, MI

If your washing machine is experiencing a hiccup in its usual performance, a single call is all you need to connect with our team at Unique Repair Services. Serving Detroit, MI, we excel in top-notch washer repairs and guarantee swift solutions to have your machine running smoothly once more. 

Since our establishment in 1994, we’ve built a solid reputation for our professionalism and exceptional customer service, fostering loyalty from clients who return to us time and again. Our commitment is unwavering, and we always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction, adhering to the motto “instilling confidence in our valued customers.” 

For a thorough washer repair service in Detroit, MI, and the neighboring areas, reach out to us today and set up an appointment.

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Trusted Washer Repair Experts in Detroit, MI

A malfunctioning or damaged washing machine can be a source of significant frustration in your home. Having access to top-tier washer repair experts can make a world of difference. At Unique Repair Services, our team of technicians is extensively trained to handle all major brands, including Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Samsung

We take pride in having one of the premier training facilities for Samsung technicians, among only three in total in the U.S. Whenever new manufacturer training becomes available, our technicians are actively engaged, ensuring they receive training on the latest equipment even before it hits the shelves. When your washer experiences issues or stops working altogether, simply give us a call for dependable, in-home service you can rely on.

Unique Repair Services
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Ida's Salon
Ida's Salon
19:26 06 Nov 23
Easy great personable
carlos brown
carlos brown
17:36 06 Nov 23
13:39 03 Nov 23
Arrived in time and was able to resolve the issue quickly.
April Marrs
April Marrs
14:34 02 Nov 23
Nate was on time and very professional and friendly.
Rose Ann Mojica
Rose Ann Mojica
14:33 02 Nov 23
Great Customer service. Very professional. Very pleasant didn’t mind my Chihuahuas barking. Fast service. Very happy. Will always call this company for repairs!!!
Marcelino Orozco
Marcelino Orozco
20:36 01 Nov 23
Katie Driver
Katie Driver
16:16 30 Oct 23
GT was professional and answered all my questions. I would recommend. Thank you!
lake view
lake view
00:08 20 Oct 23
After Unique Repair left, there are more damage than it was before. So-called technician did not put racks back, now racks and rail don't fit each other. there is light on clean although dishes are not cleaned and dirty. and now there is sitting water. what a uniquely unqualified people ! they send unqualified people to not repair.
18:14 19 Oct 23
2 month Samsung dishwasher did not work and Samsung send Miguel of Unique Repair Services "to repair". When Miguel came he admitted he is not plumber or electrician, he did not come to "repair". Of course he is not qualified so he doesn't know exactly what problem is. He said it is not Samsung appliance problem but dishwasher was not installed level. Miguel who is not plumber did not even bring level measure. His excuse is dishwasher is not installed level without level measure. Here is level measure that Miguel is full of S. Unique Repair Service is sending unqualified person who blames for installation without proper basis; so that Samsung doesn't have to pay for plumber to fix. Miguel refused to provide his last name because he doesn't want to verify whether he has any license. He doesn't want to wait for cycle. He left racks outside. Now racks don't fit. he screwed up and broke dishwasher more than it was before he came. Terrible and Horrible experience with Unique Repair Service. Since Miguel is not came for "repair" it is Unique Horrible Service.
Zorica J
Zorica J
16:22 28 Sep 23
Even though I had a slight issue with scheduling, I still gave them 5 stars due to responsiveness and good customer service when I called to verify the time of the appointment.The technician's name was Miguel. He was very prompt regarding his ETA, communicative and knowledgeable regarding the questions I was asking. He was also very neat and clean doing the job. There wasn't a speck of dirt left behind when he finished.
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Why Choose Us for Washer Repair in Detroit, MI?

Choosing us for washer and dishwasher repair ensures you receive top-notch service along with exceptional customer care. We aim to treat you as an extended member of our family, providing the kind of service you’d expect from a trusted neighbor. Here are some added advantages of partnering with us:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Veterans, firefighters, and senior citizens save 10% on completed repairs
  • Technicians that are manufacturer factory trained and certified
  • Industry-leading service available in 5 different states
  • Friendly technicians who treat your home like it is their own
  • Honest pricing with no hidden fees

If you’re looking for dependable washer repair in Detroit, MI, or any of the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment with us today.

Why Choose Our Expert Washer Services Over DIY Repairs?

Embarking on do-it-yourself washer repairs might seem like a cost-effective solution, but it often leads to more complications and potential hazards. Washing machines are complex appliances with intricate mechanisms that require a deep understanding of their workings. DIY attempts can inadvertently exacerbate the initial issue, causing further damage that may be costlier to fix in the long run. Moreover, tampering with electrical components without the necessary expertise poses safety risks, putting both individuals and their households in jeopardy. It’s crucial to recognize the intricacies of washer systems and leave the repairs to skilled professionals who have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and resolve issues accurately.

When it comes to washer repairs, placing your trust in the experienced technicians at Unique Repair Services is the wisest choice. Our team of highly trained professionals understands various washer models and brands. We have a proven track record dating back to 1994, showcasing our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient repair services. By choosing our skilled technicians, you not only ensure the longevity of your appliance but also enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the repair is in the hands of experts dedicated to providing industry-leading service and customer satisfaction.

The Disadvantages of a Broken Washer — Why You Should Schedule Repairs Soon

A broken washing machine poses several disadvantages that extend beyond the inconvenience of dirty laundry. Given these disadvantages, homeowners are advised not to delay washing machine repairs for the following reasons:

  • Prevent Further Damage: Timely repairs can prevent minor issues from escalating into more significant problems, saving homeowners both time and money.
  • Maintain Hygiene: Prompt repairs ensure a consistent supply of clean clothes, maintaining a hygienic living environment.
  • Energy Efficiency: A well-maintained washing machine operates more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Preserve Clothing: Immediate repairs prevent damage to clothing caused by inadequate washing or prolonged exposure to detergent residue.

Convenience: Timely repairs restore the convenience of having a functional appliance, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual washing or reliance on external services.

How Do Washing Machines Break?

Washing machines may encounter various issues leading to breakdowns, necessitating professional repair services. Even renowned brands may face these challenges, making it crucial to rely on an experienced appliance repair company with a quick response time and reasonable prices. Our expertise in diagnosing and resolving washing machine problems, coupled with access to genuine replacement parts, ensures a lasting solution and the continued smooth functioning of this essential household appliance. Common causes of washing machine breakdowns include:

    • Wear and Tear of Components: Over time, essential components like belts, hoses, and control boards can experience wear or malfunction, impacting the overall performance of the machine.
    • Water Drainage Issues: Problems related to water drainage can disrupt the washing machine’s normal functioning and require the attention of skilled technicians.
    • Spin Cycle Malfunctions: Issues with the spin cycle can hinder the machine’s ability to effectively clean clothes and may indicate underlying problems that need expert diagnosis.
    • Temperature Control Problems: Faulty temperature control mechanisms can lead to ineffective washing and potential damage to clothing, necessitating professional intervention.
    • Overloading the Machine: Overloading the washing machine can strain its components, leading to premature wear and tear and causing operational issues.
    • Use of Improper Detergents: The use of incorrect detergents can adversely affect the internal mechanisms of the washing machine, requiring prompt attention to prevent further damage.
    • Neglecting Regular Maintenance: Lack of routine maintenance can contribute to the deterioration of the washing machine, emphasizing the importance of regular check-ups to identify and address potential issues early on.

    Contact Us Today for Washing Machine Repair Services in Detroit, MI

    Don’t let a malfunctioning washing machine disrupt the efficiency of your household any longer. At Unique Repair Services, we pride ourselves on our decades-long commitment to providing swift and reliable washer repair services. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and resolving a wide array of washing machine issues promptly. With a dedication to exceptional customer service and a proven track record dating back to 1994, we ensure a hassle-free experience for our valued clients. Don’t hesitate to reach out and experience the difference of entrusting your washing machine repair needs to the experts at Unique Repair Services. Contact us today, and let’s get your washing machine back in top-notch condition.

    We’ll Handle All Your Appliance Repair Needs, Including:

    • Cooktop Repair
    • Dishwasher Repair
    • Kitchen Range Repair


Several indicators suggest your washing machine may require repair. Look out for unusual noises during operation, water leakage, failure to drain properly, or issues with the spin cycle. If you notice clothes aren’t cleaning thoroughly or if the machine exhibits erratic behavior, it’s advisable to seek professional diagnosis and repair.

Reputable appliance repair companies offer quality service and reliable service for a variety of major brands, ensuring your oven is restored to its optimal functionality. Additionally, many repairs can be completed quickly, allowing you to continue using your oven for years to come.

The decision between repairing and replacing depends on factors like the age of the machine, the extent of the issue, and the cost of repairs compared to a new appliance. Generally, if a washing machine is relatively new and the repair cost is reasonable, it’s often more cost-effective to opt for repair. However, for older machines with multiple recurring issues, replacement might be a more practical long-term solution.

Factors such as the complexity of the problem, the need for specialized parts, and the scheduling of the repair appointment can impact the overall repair timeline. However, top-notch service providers understand the importance of excellent service and efficient repairs to minimize any inconvenience to you.

At Unique Repair Services, we understand the urgency of appliance repairs. We strive to offer prompt service, and our goal is to schedule a technician to assess and repair your washing machine at your earliest convenience. Our commitment to quick response times, coupled with our experienced team, ensures that you won’t have to endure a prolonged disruption to your laundry routine.

If you suspect your oven is not functioning properly, it’s advisable to seek appliance repair services promptly. Reputable appliance repair companies offer exceptional service and can diagnose the issue quickly, providing a reliable assessment of whether your oven can be safely used or needs immediate repair.

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Our team offers complete oven and microwave oven repair in Des Plaines and the following areas: