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Reliable Residential Appliance Repair & Maintenance in Downers Grove, IL

Do you need professional appliance repair and maintenance in Downers Grove, IL? Our team at Unique Repair Services has been building a strong reputation in the local community since 1994, and we have the solution to your problem. Whether you have a broken dryer, your ice machine isn’t working, or your refrigerator isn’t as cold as it should be, our skilled technicians will provide you with timely service and long-lasting results. Our motto is “inspiring confidence in our valued customers,” and we will always go out of our way to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work we do.

If you’re looking for dependable residential appliance repair and maintenance in Downers Grove, IL, schedule an appointment with us today.

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Reputable Appliance Maintenance & Repair in Downers Grove, IL

Having access to a proven appliance repair team makes all the difference when your household appliances aren’t working properly. As a factory-authorized repair facility, we provide in-home repairs that will keep your household running smoothly so you can avoid frustrating disruptions. All of our highly trained technicians are proficient with the most popular brand names like Electrolux, Frigidaire, and Samsung. We have one of only three training facilities for Samsung technicians, so you can feel confident that you’ll be getting the best service possible when we visit your Downers Grove home. We also make sure that all of our technicians take part in ongoing training to ensure they are up to date on all the latest models, technology, and repair techniques.

Unique Repair Services
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Ida's Salon
Ida's Salon
19:26 06 Nov 23
Easy great personable
carlos brown
carlos brown
17:36 06 Nov 23
13:39 03 Nov 23
Arrived in time and was able to resolve the issue quickly.
April Marrs
April Marrs
14:34 02 Nov 23
Nate was on time and very professional and friendly.
Rose Ann Mojica
Rose Ann Mojica
14:33 02 Nov 23
Great Customer service. Very professional. Very pleasant didn’t mind my Chihuahuas barking. Fast service. Very happy. Will always call this company for repairs!!!
Marcelino Orozco
Marcelino Orozco
20:36 01 Nov 23
Katie Driver
Katie Driver
16:16 30 Oct 23
GT was professional and answered all my questions. I would recommend. Thank you!
lake view
lake view
00:08 20 Oct 23
After Unique Repair left, there are more damage than it was before. So-called technician did not put racks back, now racks and rail don't fit each other. there is light on clean although dishes are not cleaned and dirty. and now there is sitting water. what a uniquely unqualified people ! they send unqualified people to not repair.
18:14 19 Oct 23
2 month Samsung dishwasher did not work and Samsung send Miguel of Unique Repair Services "to repair". When Miguel came he admitted he is not plumber or electrician, he did not come to "repair". Of course he is not qualified so he doesn't know exactly what problem is. He said it is not Samsung appliance problem but dishwasher was not installed level. Miguel who is not plumber did not even bring level measure. His excuse is dishwasher is not installed level without level measure. Here is level measure that Miguel is full of S. Unique Repair Service is sending unqualified person who blames for installation without proper basis; so that Samsung doesn't have to pay for plumber to fix. Miguel refused to provide his last name because he doesn't want to verify whether he has any license. He doesn't want to wait for cycle. He left racks outside. Now racks don't fit. he screwed up and broke dishwasher more than it was before he came. Terrible and Horrible experience with Unique Repair Service. Since Miguel is not came for "repair" it is Unique Horrible Service.
Zorica J
Zorica J
16:22 28 Sep 23
Even though I had a slight issue with scheduling, I still gave them 5 stars due to responsiveness and good customer service when I called to verify the time of the appointment.The technician's name was Miguel. He was very prompt regarding his ETA, communicative and knowledgeable regarding the questions I was asking. He was also very neat and clean doing the job. There wasn't a speck of dirt left behind when he finished.
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Reliable Downers Grove Refrigerator Repair Specialists

If you’ve ever had your refrigerator break down, you know how alarming it can be. For most Downers Grove homeowners, there is a race to find a quality repair technician before food starts going bad. At Unique Repair Services, we provide stellar refrigerator repair quickly and efficiently, and all it takes is one call to get the process started. Here are some signs that may indicate it’s time to give us a call for refrigerator repair:

  • Water leaking from the base of your fridge
  • Strange sounds coming from the refrigerator
  • The door doesn’t seal properly when it’s closed
  • There’s condensation on the inside or outside
  • The food in your refrigerator is freezing
  • The fresh food feels warm
  • The back of the fridge feels hot
  • Your food seems to spoil quickly

Is It Time for Dishwasher Repair in Downers Grove, IL?

If you use your dishwasher regularly like many Downers Grove homeowners, you’ll want to get in touch with us as soon as possible if you notice any of the following signs:

  • It isn’t draining properly
  • There’s rust forming on the inside
  • The door latch won’t secure correctly
  • The dishes aren’t clean when the dishwasher is finished
  • Your glasses have a cloudy film
  • The dishes are still wet when the cycle is finished
  • Your detergent won’t dispense properly

At Unique Repair Services, we also provide high-quality dryer vent cleaning in the Dekalb area. When your dryer vents get too clogged, it creates a potential risk of fire, or to a lesser extent, your dryer may not run as efficiently. If you’ve been having issues with dryer quality, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see if your events need to be cleaned out.

When to Call for Microwave Repair in Downers Grove

Keeping your microwave oven in good working order may not be an urgent matter, but it does add a level of convenience that you don’t find in most other kitchen appliances. If you notice any of the following issues with your microwave, get in touch with us so we can come out and check it out and provide you with a quick solution:

  • Foods and drinks aren’t heating thoroughly
  • The door doesn’t seal correctly
  • There are sparks when you are heating food
  • The handle doesn’t work properly
  • The turntable won’t spin while the microwave is running
  • You can smell smoke while the microwave is on

Superior Appliance Repair Services in Downers Grove, IL

We offer the following appliance repair services to residents of Downers Grove:

Working with Our Team

Working with our team of appliance repair specialists means you’ll get the very best technical service and remarkable customer service with each and every call. We will go out of our way to treat you like a member of the family so you want to come back again and again. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

Do you need trusted residential appliance repair and maintenance in Downers Grove, IL? Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.