6 Simple Refrigerator Maintenance Tips & FAQs

6 Simple Refrigerator Maintenance Tips & FAQs

Refrigerator Maintenance

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Whether you have a Samsung Refrigerator, Electrolux, LG, or a Frigidaire Refrigerator, this is your one stop guide for refrigerator maintenance and questions.


1. Check the door seals.

When the seal of your refrigerator is working properly it will keep the cool air from seeping out of the fridge. A loose seal drives up your energy costs causes your fridge to work harder than it needs to.

How do you test a refrigerator door seal?

First make sure the seals are free of food residue. We like to clean our door seals about twice a year. It’s super simple all you need is a toothbrush and a solution of baking soda and water. Now, let’s say your seals are squeaky clean, could not be better: no food sediment or build up how else would you make sure your refrigerator door seal is doing it’s job? Try the dollar bill test! Put the bill into the door as you close it so that the bill is half in and half out. If the paper slips out easily, it’s time to replace the gaskets because it isn’t sealing.

If you’re asking “why is my refrigerator door not closing?” You could be loosing a lot more than cold air!

The cost of your fridge consistently loosing cool air due to the seal can add up. It causes the refrigerator to work a lot harder to keep it’s temperature cool. We’ve got your back if you need us! We make it quick and easy to schedule online anytime, just click here for service in IllinoisWisconsinMichiganIndiana & Minnesota.

2. Keep the coils clean

Some recommend that you clean behind your fridge and stove at least once every three months. Others say twice a year is fine. So it’s up to you! But why would you actually need do this? Well, when condenser coils behind your fridge become covered with dust the refrigerator can’t run efficiently.

So, how do I clean the back of my fridge?

Cleaning Condenser Coils On Refrigerator

  • Unplug refrigerator.
  • Remove base grille if necessary.
  • Use a refrigerator coil brush to brush any dust, dirt, pet hair, etc. from the coils. (You can find one easily on Amazon, or at a home improvement store like Home Depot)
  • Sweep or vacuum up

3. Set the right temperature

Keep the fridge between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer at 0 degrees. How to Set the Right Temperature on a Samsung Refrigerator

4. Do Refrigerators really work better when full?

Chilly food and drinks assist your Refrigerator in absorbing the warm air that comes into the fridge when it’s opened. Your fridge needs “thermal mass” (a.k.a. lots of stuff) to keep it’s low temperature where it belongs. If you’re thinking “oh no, I eat out a lot,” or “I don’t really have that much in my fridge at once” don’t sweat it! You can still keep those costs & temps low with something like a big jug of water. Easy enough, right?

Just a heads up, do not over pack the freezer. Keeping it over half full is a good rule of thumb for a freezer, but over pack the freezer and the extra items will disrupt airflow and cause your freezer to work harder to keep itself at temperature. That costs you money!

5. Change your water filter

How do I change the water filter in my refrigerator?

Check out our step by step guide on How to Change Your Samsung Water Filter!

How often should you change water filter in refrigerator?

Changing your filter about every 6 months assures delicious, clean ice and water from your refrigerator.

How do you know when your water filter needs to be changed?

Does your water taste off, or kind of funny? Without changing that filter contaminants, unwanted chemicals, particles from your pipes and bacteria can find their way into your drinking water.

Is it really necessary to change your refrigerator water filter every 6 months?

The life of the filter depends on the amount of contaminants in your water, also on how much water you and your family are drinking on a regular basis. Like anything, if it’s used more often it will need to be replaced sooner.

Is it bad to not change water filter?

Changing your water filter regularly will actually prevent scaling and deposit build up that can cause real damage to your refrigerator. A dirty filter not only constrains the flow of water, but also allows all of that “junk” to remain in your drinking water or your ice.

Can an old water filter make you sick?

Yes, your old filter can add bacteria to your water, it can in fact make you sick if you continue to use it. We’ve made a quick and easy step by step guide. 

Do you have to turn water off to change refrigerator filter?

Changing a refrigerator water filter is quick and easy. Most of the refrigerator water filters used today will automatically turn off the water supply, so you don’t have to worry don’t have to worry about looking for a shutoff valve to turn off the water supply to the fridge before changing it.

How do I know which filter for my refrigerator?

Remove the filter from your fridge (don’t worry, the water will shut off automatically). Then, you’ll find the part number printed right there on the filter. Once you enter your part’s number into a search online you will be able to find the filter and where to purchase it’s replacement.

6. Be Prepared

If the electricity goes out, keep those refrigerator doors closed and use foods from the pantry!

How long does food stay good in the fridge without power?

If your fridge remains closed it will keep the food inside cold for up to four hours according to the USDA.

How long does food stay good in the freezer without power?

Your freezer should remain at it’s current temperature for a full two day, 48 hour period if you freezer is full. If your freezer goes out while it’s half full of frozen items the temperature will stay for a 24 hour period during a blackout or power outage.

Can you get reimbursed for power outages?

We were happily surprised to find out that, yes sometimes utility & power companies will actually reimburse the cost of food if they were at fault for the power outage. If your refrigerator malfunctions for reasons other than a power outage your home warranty might also cover food spoilage. When you have hungry kiddos & a full fridge from buying in bulk at Sam’s Club you may want to get some of that money back! We get it. Insurance can also cover outage spoiled food costs, check out State Farm’s advice and FAQs about Insurance Coverage for Food Spoilage and Food Loss.

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